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Kristoff revives the true essence of a dying tradition - the ancient art of the clown.

Kristoff captures the imagination and attention of the children right from the very start and throughout his performances. He takes the pressure off you and helps ensure the children have fun throughout.

Children off all ages and adults alike will be entertained from the minute he arrives until it is time to go home with a great magic show, children's favourite songs, and traditional ad lib slapstick comedy and silly props.

Magic Shows

Kristoff has a great collection of magic tricks and good props which he has collected over the years. Children are encouraged to take part in the Magic show and help perform the 'MAGIC'. Special attention is given to the Birthday child. Emphasis is placed on creating lots of fun and laughter. The shows are very child-focused with children taking it in turns to make the magic happen!


Kristoff accompanies on guitar to traditional nursery rhymes and activity songs. Kristoff's favourites are "If you're Happy and You Know It" and the "Wheels on the Bus." Children enjoy taking their turn in creating the song such as choosing an animal in "Old Mc Donald's Farm."

Party Games

Kristoff will organise a range of safe and fun traditional party games and dances. He loves games such as "statues", pin a tail on a donkey, pass the parcel, and blind man's buff. He delights in also organising silly races such as walking backwards, hopping on one foot, or jumping backwards. He creates traditional fun and laughter for children of all ages. Kristoff loves doing silly dances with children such as the "Okey Cokey."

For ONE hour performance   For TWO hour performance
£75.00   £130.00

All of my shows are tailor made to meet the customers requirements. I email my plans to customers for approval. I deliver individualised parties focussed on the birthday child, not ones which are a set formula which is often what you get with some large entertainment companies. All my performances are adapted for each situation.